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There is an increasing demand in the current livestock sector for sustainable products that reduce the need for antibiotics, contribute to better animal health and improved productivity. This trend is not only to be found in the Netherlands, but also in many other parts of the world.

Biochem Products develops and manufactures products that improve animal health and productivity in a sustainable way. Essential oils, plant extracts and vitamins are the basis of all our products.


All products are developed and produced by Biochem Products in the Netherlands.

Biochem Products is GMP+ certified. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. In concrete terms this means that the GMP norm lays down from A to Z how a product is composed and produced. The Plus in GMP Plus stands for the addition of the HACCP norm to the GMP norm. This HACCP norm is a risk inventory for  foodstuffs and thus forms a good complement to the GMP norm. In the Netherlands this norm is used to guarantee the quality and safety of animal feed.

All raw materials come from Europe  and thus satisfy the specifications of EU legislation.

Biochem Products has its products analysed by accredited laboratories.

Innovation through collaboration with universities, including the University of Wageningen.


  • Udder Vital Bolus

    To boost udder vitality and resistance.

    The Udder-Vital Bolus is a supplementary animal feed (mineral feed) to boost the animal’s udder vitality and general resistance. The bolus has been developed to provide many beneficial health effects and has broad applicability. It also helps to reduce the use of antibiotics.

    The Udder-Vital Bolus can be used for weak animals, animals with somatic cell count problems, and during the transition period (during dry-off periods and when milking restarts). Good resistance will prevent many problems. The Udder-Vital Bolus is a slow release bolus over a period of approximately 7 days. The bolus requires no waiting time before milk and meat can be delivered for consumption.

  • Green Energy Bolus

    To support the energy balance.

    The Green Energy Bolus is a supplementary animal feed (mineral feed) to support the energy balance. This bolus contributes to the good health of your cows and produces an increase in the energy level. The Green Energy Bolus rapidly boosts energy levels and quickly corrects energy balance. The Green Energy Bolus contains various ingredients with a high energy value, and the addition of prebiotics ensures rapid and efficient absorption of these ingredients. The bolus also contains vitamins and minerals to improve the animal’s general condition.

  • Calcin Bolus

    To support calcium balance.

    The Calcin Bolus is a supplementary animal feed (mineral feed) designed to support the calcium balance of dairy cows. Cows can develop a disrupted calcium balance around calving. The Calcin Bolus has an unique composition, with high levels of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus that are easily absorbed. The Calcin Bolus provides the cow with calcium, which quickly corrects this deficiency. The bolus also contains prebiotics, which have a positive effect on the gut health and the rumen flora of cows. Moreover, the prebiotics have a positive effect on the rate at which these minerals are absorbed.

  • Bica Pill

    Stimulates the desire to drink and supplements a lack of electrolytes.

    Diarrhoea in calves leads to the loss of a great deal of fluid and buffer ions, which results in acidosis (acidification). Calves that have problems with acidosis lose their desire to drink and this causes a lack of fluid and electrolytes.

    The Bica Pill contains sodium bicarbonate, which makes up for this lack. The prebiotics in the Bica Pill stimulate the uptake of ions. The Bica Pill naturally encourages the desire to drink and helps prevent dehydration, thus improving the health of newborn calves.

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